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Posted on 12/19/2018 by Pew Pew Guru LLC

5 Tips To Make Buying A Gun Less Intimidating!

5 Tips To Make Buying A Gun Less Intimidating!

The 5 tips below make buying a gun less intimidating. Pew Pew Guru covers this in great detail in a blog post,  the entire article can be found here Why is it so intimidating to buy a gun  and has some really great tips, and is written in a manner that is easy to relate to.

1. Research online from the comforts of your home before ever stepping foot in a gun store! If you know the makes, brands, calibers you are interested in — you seem more like an educated consumer. Nothing can replace the tactile feeling of handling, holding and weight testing the gun, getting the grip in your palm, seeing which gives you the most secure hand feel. A visual representation can never replace that…. But knowing which caliber, brand, semi-automatic or revolver, and make will save you some time. There are great online resources to help with this:

10 Best Revolvers for Concealed Carry by

  1.  Rossi 352 Cost $299
  2. Ruger GP11 $725
  3. S & W Bodyguard 38 $469
  4. Ruger LCR-22 $499
  5.  Smith and Wesson 442 $749
  6. Taurus Protector $615
  7. North American Arms- .22 $209
  8. Ruger Super Redhawk $1079
  9. S &W Governor $ 766
  10. Taurus Ragging Bull $ 641

Top 10 Concealed Carry Handguns you can buy- Semi-Autos by

  1. Glock 26 Gen 3 (9mm)
  2.  Springfield XDs (.45 ACP)
  3. Smith & Wesson M&P 40 C
  4. Taurus PT 111
  6. Baretta Nano
  7. Bersa Thunder .380
  8. Springfield XDM Compact .40 S&W —great feel in the hand, the extended clip fits the hand perfectly and the balance and weight is perfect for a larger caliber gun on a small frame. The magazine capacity is also good.
  9. S & W M & P Shield .40 S & W
  10. Glock 19 Gen 5

2. If you have a list of four or five guns you would like to see when you get to the counter- it’s so much easier. Easier for you and the burly salesperson. You can just focus on how they feel in your hand, ask any questions you weren’t clear on from your research and maybe ask if they have a model you can shoot.

NRA Family.Org First Time Handgun Buyers Guide suggests the following checklist:

Step 1: Determining your needs:

1. Our gun is for concealed carry. They suggest that your concealed gun should be short, small, lightweight.

Step 2: Choosing between semi and revolver. Semi-autos are widely popular because of magazine capacity and slimmer profile which makes them ideal for concealed carry. They do require more proficiency and practice because they are more complex to operate. Revolvers are by far considered more reliable and simpler to use. The revolver typically has only 6 rounds before you need to reload.

Step 3: Selecting the correct caliber. This choice is critical. Caliber determines the recoil you will have to manage and the effectiveness of the handgun. Basically this determines the stopping power...the ability to neutralize a threat. This also determines gun size. A 9mm can be made on a smaller frame than a .45 caliber. A larger caliber on a smaller frame results in more recoil. The NRA organization states that the beginning gun owner will usually shoot faster and more accurately with one of the lower recoil cartridges suitable for self-defense.

Step 4: Hands-on shopping. Once you have decided on caliber, semi or revolver, you need to test fire, if possible, to check the weight and hand feel. This is essential because not all 9 mm’s fire the same. For example, a medium frame 9mm will fire, feel handle and shoot differently than a compact in the same caliber.

Step 5: Test firing –always practice the four basic firearm safety rules:

1. Always assume the gun is loaded.

2.Never point a gun at something you aren’t trying to destroy.

3. Your finger stays off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

4. Know your target and what’s behind it.

3. I highly recommend shooting any gun you may have interest in. It serves no purpose to get a gun that has more kick that you can comfortably manage. Ergonomics, reliability are key here. The NRA Family suggests test firing at least 50 rounds through any gun under consideration. This will vet out comfort questions, access the amount of recoil, it will scrutinize the ability to feed, fire, and eject with a variety of loads. They further state that the magazine should load securely, then drop freely when released.

4. Once you have test driven your potential new gun- kicked the tires and fired it and are reasonably comfortable firing a small projectile from it- write the model, caliber and snap a pic of it. At the point when firing from the business end of a modern day fire stick doesn’t completely freak you out , you are ready. This is where you regain the upper hand in the showdown with scary dude. You thank him and pass the weapons back to him and turn to leave the gun store.

5. You go home— log onto an online auction site like (my personal favorite) or and search for that model and caliber. At, think Ebay but for guns, there are lots of motivated sellers- selling in most cases well below the retail price guns shops sell for. Palmeto State Armory runs great daily deals and has packages that include multiple magazines or a ton of other other accessories. Plug in your model selected from the test firing and hand comfort test in the store. Search by price and new or used. Put that puppy in the shopping cart and pull the trigger on your new purchase.

In Conclusion, the final piece you need for your online purchase is to have the gun you bought shipped to a Federal Firearm License Holder (it’s illegal for an online gun seller to ship to a private citizen- the gun must ship to a FFL in your state. If you live in Illinois, I can be of service! Go to and fill out the form and I’ll send the seller my FFL certificate and make all the arrangements to have your  gun shipped and to you.

I’ve purchased several guns with this method and it really is a very easy process and as stated above far less intimidating.

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