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Posted on 09/15/2018 by FFL Dealer Network

7 Crossbow Safety Tips

7 Crossbow Safety Tips

Hunting season is upon us can smell it in the air.  With this new hunting season, some of you may be putting down the boomstick (albeit momentarily) and picking up a crossbow.  With the crossbow growing in popularity as a hunting tool, understanding basic safety guidelines is more important than ever, especially for newer hunters.

1. Read the owner's manual.

This one is common sense, but some people are just determined to figure everything out on their own. That's not a good attitude to have when it comes to deadly weapons. Your owner's manual was written by experts to explain how to take care of your crossbow and use it safely. You should read it carefully before touching your weapon.

2. Keep your fingers below the rail.

It's important to keep all of your fingers, including your thumb, below the level of the rail when shooting an arrow. The string of your crossbow could skin your finger to the bone, so always keep the bow string's path in mind and make sure your fingers are nowhere near it.

3. Never shoot without an arrow in your crossbow.

Dry firing a crossbow is dangerous because it can cause the bow to break apart and send pieces flying everywhere. It's best to carry a target point arrow to uncock your bow when you're ready to head home. You can either shoot it into a soft tree stump or the ground. Another option is to carry a target in your car which you can place on the ground and fire into.

4. Make sure you keep the safety on when handling your crossbow.

Again, this one is common sense, but it doesn't hurt to remind anyone. Always double-check that the safety is on.

5. Be sure the string is centered after you cock your crossbow.

It's important to ensure the string is centered properly after cocking your crossbow by marking your serving. That way, you can tell by sight if the string was drawn back correctly. A string that isn't centered will alter the impact point of the arrow, as though you used a different anchor point with a vertical bow.

6. If hunting from a tree stand, cock your bow while on the ground before climbing up.

Using your foot to cock your bow while in your tree stand can easily throw you off balance. If you have to cock your crossbow while in the tree stand, use a ratchet device.

7. Use a haul line to lift and lower your bow into the tree stand.

You should raise and lower your crossbow with the stock up, bow pointed downward, and safety on. Raising or lowering a crossbow with a loaded arrow is dangerous. Only load your crossbow when you are secured in your tree stand.

As a last reminder, be sure to get your hunting license ahead of time to avoid any last-minute headaches. When you prepare ahead and keep safety in mind, you're most likely to enjoy your crossbow hunting experience.

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