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Posted on 06/29/2018 by FFL Dealer Network

Bug-Out Bag Essentials

Bug-Out Bag Essentials

Whether you are escaping from an incoming hurricane or trying to survive under the worst of circumstances, a fully equipped bug-out bag is essential. A bug-out bag allows you to be ready to escape at a moment's notice, an essential skill in times of natural disaster, civil unrest or even societal collapse.

Whether you keep a bug-out bag as a simple precaution against uncertain times or make it part of a large preparedness effort, that portable kit should contain these essential items.

#1 - Water

Water is essential to life, and it needs to be at the center of any bug-out bag. The rule of thumb is to pack one liter of water per person per day, but it is best to err on the side of more rather than less.

A well-equipped bug-out bag should also contain some sort of water purification system. Water purification tables are useful for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, so you may already have some on hand. Make sure you include a good water purification system in your bug-out bag, along with collapsible water bottles and other suitable containers.

#2 - Shelf-Stable Food

Food can be hard to come by in times of emergency, ,as unprepared people descend on local grocery stores and retailers. Part of being prepared for natural disasters and other emergencies is making sure your family has plenty of shelf-stable food available. From a well-stocked pantry to a well-stocked bug-out bag, you need to make sure you are well provisioned.

MREs, energy bars and other high protein foods should be at the heart of your bug-out bag. If you decide to include a few canned goods in your bug-out bag, be sure to pack a good can opener as well.

#3 - Suitable Clothing

Pack lightweight, warm and comfortable clothing, enough to get you and your family through at least a few days on the road. Your bug-out bag should include a sturdy pair of hiking boots, along with several pairs of good socks. Your kit should also include a pair of long pants, a couple of shirts, long underwear, a waterproof jacket and a bandana.

A bandana can be used for many different things, and it should be an integral part of your bug-out bag. You can use your bandana to filter dust and dirt out of a contaminated environment, and even to filter particles out of rainwater.

#4 - A Suitable Shelter

If you already have a good tent, you should store it with your bug-out bag. If you are not a camper, you should include a tarp - and instructions for constructing a tarp tent - in your bug-out bag.

You can find a number of ready-made tents to stock your bug-out bag, or find instructions for constructing your own shelters when the need arises. No matter which option you choose, be sure to practice setting up your shelter at home - an emergency situation is not the best time to learn.

#5 - A First Aid Kit

Hopefully you already have a fully-stocked first aid kit in your home. If not, ,buy or make one and include it in your bug-out bag. The kit should include, at a minimum, bandages of various sizes, disinfectants and antibiotic ointments, gauze, preparations to stem bleeding and clean distilled water.

#6 - Matches and Fire Starters

You may need a way to keep yourself and your family warm while you are out of your home. Be sure your bug-out bag contains a good supply of matches, and a fire starter as well.

Your bug-out kit should also include a small hand saw or axe for chopping wood. You will need firewood and similar sources of fuel for the fire you build. Adding a multi-tool, a hunting knife and a couple of flashlights to your bug-out bag is a good idea as well.

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