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Posted on 06/23/2018 by FFL Dealer Network

Firearm Safety: How to Store Guns at Home

Firearm Safety: How to Store Guns at Home

Whether you own a single gun or a collection of firearms, storing them the right way helps you protect your home and family and prevent unauthorized access. Selecting the right storage environment protects the weapon itself and keeps it in prime working condition.

Home Firearm Safety and Storage:

Use a case specifically designed for gun storage. 

Guns contain plenty of small working parts and rust, debris and other contaminants can impact both performance and safety. The right case for you will depend on the number and type of firearms you own; buying a case with more room than you need allows you to store more weapons with ease if you acquire them. Cases can store revolvers, pistols or rifles, or a combination of all three.

Buy a heavy duty case that locks, and make sure there is room for every weapon you own or intend to buy. 

Trigger locks are not enough; for real safety, guns need to be inaccessible to anyone but the intended user. If theft is a concern, conceal your gun case in a location that you can find easily, but an intruder would have difficulty accessing.

Protect your guns from damage and the elements. 

The best firearms cases feature a secure lock to prevent unauthorized access. Firm foam padding that won't break down over time can help keep your guns safe and dust free; water- and oil-proofing are also a must. Sealing your firearms in a secure container after cleaning will help you keep them in peak operating condition at all times, a must for safe operation. Maintain the key or code for your case in a separate area; placing the key on a hook next to the case or writing the lock combination on the case itself will allow anyone to access your weapons quickly.

Protect your family from unauthorized access. 

The best gun case in the world won't do much for you if you don't use it properly. Cleaning and replacing your weapons after use and then securely locking the case will protect your family and visitors to your home. According to the NRA, storing your weapons unloaded can boost safety as well; once your guns are cleaned and secured, place your case where you can easily access it, but that is out of the reach of others. If you travel to and from a range and do not have a concealed carry permit, a travel case that locks securely and holds one or more firearms is a safe way to transport your guns.

Respect and education promote safety. 

Whether you keep a single firearm of an entire collection, teaching the children and adults in your home to respect guns is an essential part of gun safety. You use a top-quality gun case and store your firearms properly, but does everyone you know or visit do the same? Protect your kids and let them know that they need to treat guns with respect; doing so will keep them safe in your home and elsewhere.

Any adult or teen in your home who is allowed to handle your firearms should learn to use them properly. From safely handling and firing a weapon to the right ways to clean and store your guns, anyone who has access to your firearms should fully understand how to manage them safely and what your family rules are regarding the gun case.

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