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Posted on 12/22/2019 by Pew Pew Guru LLC

If you carry- you need USCCA

If you carry- you need USCCA

The USCCA’s mission is protecting law-abiding citizens who are forced to use their firearms or other legal weapons to defend themselves. For more comprehensive information on USCCA, please read full article here at 

Below you will find accounts from real self-defense encounters that originally published. The one thing I want you to ask yourself, do I want to go through these harrowing experiences, then risk loss of assets, loss of freedoms, prosecution, and civil lawsuits? If the answer is no, and I strongly suspect the answer will be no—then you need USCCA. 

True Life Stories:

Kicked In: Florida Mobile Home Residents Fight Off Invaders

Three Glen St. Mary men were asleep in their mobile home at 4am on a Sunday morning when someone outside shouted, “Sheriff’s Office!” Their door then burst open, and a masked man entered and opened fire. The residents returned fire with two handguns and an AR-15 rifle. Of the seven men who assaulted the trailer, one died of a head wound, two suffered non-lethal injuries, and five face criminal charges. None of the three defenders were injured in the gunfight, which saw 30 rounds fired from the AR-15. The attack was the result of a long-standing feud between two groups of young men.

WJXT-TV Channel 4, Jacksonville, Florida

Armed Oklahoma Citizens Kill Restaurant Shooter

When a gunman opened fire on an Oklahoma City restaurant, two Sooner State men with concealed carry permits retrieved pistols from their nearby cars and confronted the shooter as he attempted to leave the scene. Rather than comply with the men’s orders to disarm, the shooter fired on the armed citizens, who returned fire and fatally wounded the assailant. Authorities say Oklahoma’s good Samaritan law will protect the intervening armed permit holders.

Florida Pizza Shop Employee Fights Off Masked Attacker

A Holly Hill Little Caesars pizza shop employee was attacked by a man wearing a clown mask. The attacker ambushed the employee as he left the store at closing time, attacking him with a wooden post and then stabbing him with a pair of scissors. Luckily, the employee was legally armed and was able to draw his pistol and shoot his attacker, fatally wounding him and ending the incident.

The Miami Herald, Florida

For more true stories, continue reading here at 

Again, I ask the question, do you want to be on the hook for criminal or civil lawyers if prosecuted or if a lawsuit is filed against you? I know I do not want to spend even a night in jail while authorities figure out the facts surrounding a shooting if I am forced to defend myself.  

For my money, sanity, peace of mind and overall feeling of protection, the USCCA is my gun owner’s liability product of choice. 

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