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Posted on 09/06/2018 by FFL Dealer Network

Youth Model Guns - Not Just For Kids

Youth Model Guns - Not Just For Kids

In the modern age, literally hundreds of different shotguns and rifles are available. In the past it may have been necessary to get a gun you had to learn to love. Now, with such a wide selection, there's no reason not to get one that's perfectly suited for you.

It's true that almost anyone can adjust to the standard 28" barrel, 7lb shotgun. However, that may not be what they would pick if they had a chance to field test multiple guns. The ability to quickly pull up and aim is extremely important when hunting, particularly so for small game. Unless you're six feet or taller, the length of pull for a standard Remington may be too much. This is where a youth model can be a huge advantage.

The shorter length of pull is obviously not for the largest among us, but for many it's an easily overlooked aspect of buying a new gun. Shorter people tend to automatically push the gun slightly away from themselves as they begin to pull up. It's a bad habit, but necessary if you're using a gun that's longer than your reach will allow. For those who have been hunting since they were very young, you probably are very familiar with this action, even if you no longer do it. The good news is, this bad habit also happens to be the easiest habit to break by simply finding a gun that's the perfect fit.

Catching your vest while raising the gun into place, missing your chance completely, is an easy way to ruin a hunting trip. The lighter weight and shorter stock of a youth model gun tends to make it better suited for the vertically challenged. It is important to note that there are downsides to youth model guns, as well. For anybody who has to pull it back to meet their shoulder, as oppose to it naturally 'falling into place', skip the shorter stock.

The other noticeable downside is the shorter barrel, stock, and reduced weight increases the recoil quite dramatically. While it's far from unbearable for an avid hunter, it may come as a shock to the newcomer. A standard pump action youth model 20 gauge with an upland game load will kick similarly to 12 gauge with a pheasant load. This means very little to anyone just switching guns to get a better fit, but you need to understand this if you're buying it for a child.

It's a small gun, how much could it possibly hurt? Well, explaining Newton's Second Law of Motion probably won't keep you entertained long enough to answer that question. Suffice to say, it's worth checking out before it's given to a poor, unsuspecting kid. A child should never think of hunting as a punishment, and getting them a gun that kicks like Bruce Lee is a surefire way to make them think that way.

That pretty much covers it. Food for thought that just might help put real food on the table. While nothing will replace a proper gun-fitting for finding the perfect fit, considering something a little smaller could make your next hunting trip a little more enjoyable.

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