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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 03/13/2021 in Reviews

10 Lessons Learned from COVID and Other 2020 Disasters

10 Lessons Learned from COVID and Other 2020 Disasters

OK, so this is not a gun review but let's take a look at what we dealt with in 2020.  The Coronavirus pandemic, a near war with Iran, explosions in Lebanon, murder hornets, most of the west coast being on fire, riots, hurricanes, meat shortages, shut downs, and other disasters have woken so many people up to the fact that they and their families are very vulnerable when things go wrong. 

While this is not meant to be a complete list of ways to prep for disaster, it is a specific list from real life situations that even some of the most serious preppers didn't expect. Let's dig in!


Remember when buying seeds was banned early on in the coronavirus crisis? You should stock up on seeds that will grow you assorted foods, or better yet, get your garden growing alongside maintaining a seed stockpile.  

Cleaning Supplies 

When everyone started getting nervous, the stores ran out of all sorts of cleaning supplies. Keeping some extra around is a great idea, and if you are looking for environmentally friendly and easy to stockpile options, look for one of the companies that offers refillable cleaning supplies. Instead of having to keep 10 bottles of surface cleaner or hand soap, you just keep small tablets of the actual cleaner and then mix them with water as you need them. They are small and convenient.  


When Tyson announced that there would be a meat shortage, everyone stocked up. Who knows if there was actually a meat shortage or not, but because everyone was stocking up suddenly the stores ran out for a while. If you can, keep animals and learn to process your own, but at least get an extra freezer and keep it stocked with protein. A cheap and easy way to stock up on protein outside the freezer is keeping cans of tuna, bags of jerky, or meat sticks.  

Toilet Paper

There are different theories about why there was a toilet paper shortage, and while it may be funny now, it wouldn't be funny to run out. Besides, in an emergency situation the point of prepping is that you're already ready and you can just stay home where you're safe, when everyone else is being crazy. Keep extra around; it does not expire.  


This is most useful to use when the timing is right, but if you have cash on hand you can look for just the right opportunity to buy gold, silver, and other assets people are selling off to get money to help them through an emergency situation that they didn't plan for.  

Guns and Ammunition

When looting started because of COVID shortages, people started to feel scared and wanted to protect their own property and families. However, what people who never had a gun before did not understand is that there are waiting periods and that you also do not instinctively know how to use them safely and correctly. If you are willing to use a gun to defend yourself, then you need to practice with it in advance.  

Cheap and Easy Food

Because kids were off school, a lot of macaroni and cheese was out of stock for a long time. Kids weren't eating lunches at school and people suddenly wanted to stock up on cheap food so rice, mac n cheese, and other kid-friendly foods were hard to find. Stock up before the rush. These last a long time anyway.  

Air Purifier

When fires started all over the West, air purifiers sold out quickly because of all the smoke. These also keep the air clean from viruses and allergens. It is a good idea to have a few around as they are useful or necessary in many situations, and they are good for you even in normal everyday life. 

Masks that Work and Fit

Many people have realized that their emergency masks did not fit their face properly or that they weren't as high quality as they thought. Make sure you have a high quality one that can make a good seal. 

Dental Supplies and Care 

While toothpaste did not run out, many people couldn't go to the dentist for a long time. So, to be more prepared next time, make sure all your dental work is up to date. Do not wait if you need some dental work. Take care of your teeth now and be prepared to be without a dentist for extended periods. 

Always be Reviewing Your Level of Readiness 

So, in addition to all your other prepping, make sure you keep these 10 things in mind since, they proved to be important in real life situations and not just hypothetical disasters. Get started today and be ready for anything.

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