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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 06/24/2018 in Firearms

Barrel Label Removal

Barrel Label Removal

You just arrived home with your brand new baby. You gently coddle her in your arms as you bring her into your home. You take a seat in your leather easy-chair and lay her gently on your lap. She's absolutely beautiful, except for that manufacturer's label that's adhered to her flawlessly blued barrel. (You didn't think she was a child, did you?)

While some gun owners prefer to leave the manufacturer's labels on their guns, the majority of shooters DO NOT.  (Browning is notorious for placing that infernal sticker on their Citori!)  

Anyhow, label removal can be a delicate matter and requires patience. A quick surf of the Internet will provide a plethora of suggestions of how to properly remove the sticker, but the wisest choice would be to follow the manufacturer's instructions. 

If label removal information for your particular gun is not printed in your owner's manual, there is a reliable method that many manufacturers will suggest. Use a hair dryer to gently heat the barrel of the gun. Once the barrel has been sufficiently warmed, the adhesive label should peel off easily. This method will not harm the finish of the barrel. If this process fails, the adhesive sticker can be removed with warm, soapy water.

If you want to maintain the pristine finish of your gun barrel, it is important to follow the proper removal procedures. Altering the specific formula for proper removal may result in a flawed finish. Although your gun will not likely maintain its mint condition status permanently, it would be prudent to protect it from harm as much as possible. 

Scratches and dings will occur if your gun sees much action over the course of time, but all of these nicks and blemishes will have stories to tell. They will remind you of the many treks you have made to the shooting range or into woods. You will see these flaws in your gun and reminisce about the multitude of hunting trips you and your buddies have made. However, you don't want to look at your gun and be reminded of that sticker you rushed to remove, thereby marring your gun for the remainder of its days.

Check out your owner's manual or contact the gun manufacturer to learn the proper way to remove the label from your new purchase, and then follow through with the process. Do not allow yourself to take shortcuts that could cause damage to your firearm. Take care of your new baby today, so tomorrow you will be able to transport your flawless gun out to the woods to enjoy the hunt.

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