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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 02/17/2019 in Reviews

CAA Micro RONI Stabilizer

CAA Micro RONI Stabilizer

Want to get a little more from a Glock? CAA has an answer.

The micro roni stabilizer turns a Glock handgun into something resembling a carbine without being a carbine.

The Micro Roni is a pistol carbine conversion kit that fits around the handgun. It has a stabilizer brace, not a shoulder stock, which means the handgun stays a handgun and does not turn into a short-barreled rifle (SBR)which requires the BATF tax stamp.

Some companies do offer 16-inch barrels for the Glock. Get that and a full stock for the micro roni stabilizer and the firearm converts into a legal carbine. "The BATFE has made it very clear that once a receiver is built into a rifle, whether by a factory or by you, it is always a rifle and converting it to a pistol is illegal. However, it is perfectly legal to build the receiver into a pistol first and then convert it to a rifle. If the receiver is built into a pistol first, you can configure it back and forth from handgun to rifle and back again as much as you want. However, you must be vigilant to ensure that a shorter than 16″ barrel is never on the receiver at the same time as a stock," says Matt at Jerking the Trigger.

In addition to the shell, a clip-on attachment for the slide makes the firearm work better. This clip-on looks like an AR-15 receiver charging handle and functions the exact same way. Pull the ambidextrous handle back on a loaded mag and the gun chambers a round. The dual-sided nature of the charger means it works equally well shooting right or left hand.

When the gun locks open after emptying a mag, a huge slide release on the left side only trips the Glock's release. This release is big enough to be used with heavy winter gloves.

The Glock is literally a drop-in to the shell. Place the handgun into the opening, push it home and it's ready to go.

The Micro Roni comes with pic rails top and both sides. Sights and lights are easy to attach and remove. "You can accessorize it just like an AR-15." said police Major Richard Purvis. The forward section has a mag well for storing an extra. With a mag in the well, that serves as a forward grip. Without the mag in place, the forward end can still be held, but feels a bit awkward.

The major allowed the South Georgia test crew to borrow the Micro Roni for range work. An AR pistol and the Glock in the micro roni stabilizer were both fired. The AR had a touch more recoil.

"In a .40 compared to an AR pistol, it can't be beaten. You've got the 40 caliber round v. the .223 round,' the major said.

Recoil is also less as the pistol carbine conversion kit adds weight to the Glock. Getting back on target is quick because of this.

The sole drawback is the muzzle end. The micro roni stabilizer has an attachment that looks like a blunderbuss barrel which means no can unless a longer barrel is installed in the Glock. Several other companies make similar conversion kits that turn handguns into stabilizer-braced firearms. Some these have shorter forends that allow a can on the end the barrel.

The biggest advantage to keeping the standard barrel is the speed with which the full Glock can be put in and taken out of the conversion kit. A longer barrel means more finagling to get the gun seated properly.

MSRP is $225 to $490 depending on options and accessories.

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