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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 10/23/2020 in Concealed Carry

Do You Need Concealed Carry Insurance?

Do You Need Concealed Carry Insurance?

BLUF: This article addresses the upsurge in Federal Firearms checks and the 18+ million concealed carry licensees in the U.S.  The legal risks and expenses involved in both possible criminal and civil action are explained.  We will also cover, even in a valid self-defense situation, how you could be charged with a crime and/or sued if you are forced to use your firearm.  Even if no charges are filed, legal representation is necessary and expensive.

Concealed Carry Insurance Explained

It may be time to consider concealed carry insurance if you have not previously. In times of civil unrest, as evidenced by rioting in multiple cities in 2020, firearm sales and background checks skyrocket. According to, in the first eight months of 2020 there were 25,934,334 federal background checks for firearm purchases. This was 7.6 million more than in the same period in 2019, a 42% increase. 

According to Wikipedia, there were 18.66 million concealed carry permits in the U.S. in 2019. That is a lot of people carrying concealed firearms, and they have the legal right to do so, but many are doing so without concealed carry insurance. Each state has their own set of requirements, most with written tests and some with range firing qualification. Anyone carrying a firearm should be proficient and safe in how they carry and use it. Also, it is assumed that a concealed carrier who uses their firearm in self defense would do so only in fear for their life and as legally permitted. 

Risks of No Concealed Carry Insurance Coverage if Charged Criminally

The problem arises that you can never be sure how a district attorney or grand jury will view your actions. Though it is possible that no charges will ever be filed when the self defense evidence is clear, you submit to the legal system when you pull the trigger. Just to maintain legal representation until a charging decision is made is a large expense. You must be a lover of gaming in Las Vegas if you want to put your future financial and personal freedom at stake when people you do not know are deciding your fate. 

Even if you prevail in a trial by jury and are exonerated, the expense can wipe you out. People have lost their homes and filed bankruptcy to pay legal expenses in firearms use cases. With an attorney experienced in this type of case costing hundreds of dollars per hour, there can also be expenses to hire expert witnesses to aid in your defense. 

Civil Lawsuit Risk of Not Having Concealed Carry Insurance 

That is the criminal side, and then you may have to contend with civil lawsuits by the relatives of the individual who attacked you. They can sue and attend court with tearful descriptions of their their loved one whose life you cut short, even though they may have attacked you with a knife or firearm. That is another round of expensive lawyers. The awards from juries that you cannot select can be huge as well. One of the purposes of concealed carry insurance is to fund your defense. 

In a country where most Americans are over-insured due to fear of losing financial control after an accident or weather event, it is interesting how many never consider the possibility of legal expenses or even arrest after a valid self-defense incident. The question to ask yourself, even if you are absolutely certain that your life is at risk, is whether you will hesitate even a fraction of a second in using your firearm. If you would, or think you would, it could cost you your life, so you may want to consider specialty concealed carry insurance. 

There are several companies and groups providing concealed carry insurance policies, and some only cover criminal defense, while others offer civil suit coverage as well. With various coverage limits, they will offer some or all of the following:

  • Toll-free number for immediate legal assistance. 
  • Bail coverage, usually overnight to get you released. 
  • Coverage for criminal attorney fees. 
  • Coverage for civil attorney fees. 
  • Help with regaining any seized firearms. 
  • Expert testimony when necessary. 

Coverage varies by selected limits and bail payments, but usually can be secured for between $19 and $50/month. Some provide a membership and concealed carry insurance coverage card with instructions as to what to say and how to conduct yourself when you are rattled after using your firearm. What you say at that time can hurt you later. 

Check out companies and coverage options, where the coverage is accepted, and where it may not be. Then shop the coverage levels and cost. Concealed carry insurance may not be a necessity, but consider the question of how you will act and react in a self defense incident and make your decision accordingly.

A Few Top Concealed Carry Insurance Companies

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