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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 05/22/2020 in Reviews

Flux Defense Brace and MP17 for the Sig Sauer M17

Flux Defense Brace and MP17 for the Sig Sauer M17

The Flux Defense brace hit the 2A scene in 2018 in a big way with its innovative stabilizer brace initially offered for Glock handguns.  A handgun brace that you could slap on your Glock and hit targets at 100 yards?  Yes.  

Now, at the time, handgun braces were nothing new, but most were clunky devices that you wouldn't be caught dead at the range with!  Take, for instance, the below examples:

FAB Defense GLR 17


Endo Tactical Stock Adapter

Don't get me wrong, these pistol braces are useful in their own right, but their footprint is far too large for what many shooters want or need. 

Other manufacturers, such as CAA went in another direction.   CAA carved themselves a nice piece of the firearm accessories industry, offering complete drop-in handgun chassis systems.  The CAA Micro Roni (now the MCK) is one hugely successful product line developed for Glocks, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson,  H&K, CZ, etc.  It provides a stable platform to increase the accuracy of shooters and also offers solid mounting points for optics, lights, lasers, etc.


Flux Defense, however, turned the pistol brace concept on its head by offering a revolutionary compact, collapsible, and spring-loaded arm brace.   Installation of the Flux Defense brace takes less than a minute as you only need to remove your plastic backstrap pin, slap the new brace on, and install the provided metal Flux brace pin.  At the touch of a lever, the Flux Defense brace rapidly deploys a rock-solid arm brace, which gives you three points of contact with your firearm.

GEN 4 GLOCK 17, GLOCK19X, GLOCK 40 10mm (best mm) 

Flux Defense Brace Features:

  • Auto-deploy 
  • High-strength, impact resistant polymer
  • Chrome moly steel with nitrided finish
  • Works with Flux Holster
  • Single-pin quick installation
  • No permanent modifications

Cost: $259


And it's small.  The Flux Defense brace adds just 1.5" to the overall length of your pistol, only increases the width of your pistol by .5", adds 0" to height, and weighs only 7.9 ounces.  It's small, discreet, and can also be holstered OWB or IWB.  

Flux Defense also offers a few accessories for their braces, such as the Flashmag and Flashmag Rail (shown above).  The Flashmag incorporates an Olight into a forward angled spare magazine holder.  The Flashmag Rail gives you the option to mount your weapon light of choice on an integrated Picatinny rail.


In late 2019 Flux Defense again caused a dust-up in the 2A community with their release of the MP17.  This new platform works synergistically with the US Armies' new sidearm, the  Sig Sauer M17.  

Flux Defense MP17 Features:

  • Holds up to 43 rounds. Carries an extra mag
  • QD mount for slings
  • Optional Duty Holster
    • Level 2 Retention. Multi-light compatible - most Streamlight, Surefires and Inforces. 
    • The drop in holster is suppressor compatible as well.
  • Patent Pending one-handed deployment. (Spring-loaded.)
  • Optic mount works with most red dot sights - RMR™, Holosun®, Deltapoint™, and more. 
    • It also works with a keymod pic rail for use with larger optics like, Aimpoint®, Eotech® etc.
  • Pic rail for pistol flashlights and IR Lights/Lasers 
    • Optional Duty Holster works with most lights/lasers made for pistols.

Cost: $399

Incorporating their proven rapid brace deployment system, they developed a chassis that increases the effectiveness and usefulness of a Soldiers issued sidearm.   Who knows if the US Army will pick it up, but they scored another home run in the commercial sector. 

That is if you can get your hands on one.  Despite an increase in production, Flux Defense brace systems and the MP17 chassis are consistently sold out on their website.  

We happened to be one of the "early adopters" of Flux Defense, so we have more than a few braces for T&E.  However, be prepared to wait a minimum of 8-10 weeks when you're lucky enough to find them in stock on their website.

So, the questions remains.  

Do you need one?  For us, absolutely.  

No, we're not working in PSD or on an Executive Protection team but the Flux Defense brace does have everyday applications for the "Average Joe."  The ability to confidently, accurately and consistently engage targets out to 100 yards with a handgun really unlocks the full potential of your sidearm.  

Sure, you don't need a stabilizing brace to effectively hit targets at that range with a handgun but doing it with a stock handgun is something only the most seasoned shooters can accomplish.  And follow up shots.  Those come with ease using the Flux Defense brace.

If you have any of the Flux Defense brace systems or accessories we'd love to hear from you.  Just drop us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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