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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 10/11/2019 in Firearm News

Gun Bans in the US

Gun Bans in the US

Gun bans in the US will not go over very well.

After Francis "Beto" O'Rourke said "Hell yes!" announcing he was going to take guns, other Democrat contenders for the presidency boarded that train. They need to look at current and historical gun ban efforts.The most recent try, the bump stock ban, serves as a pretty good model for how Americans will respond.

How effective is the ban? In a word, not. Somewhere between just under half to less than 20 percent of the bump stocks were handed over, depending on the number made before the ban.

Getting hard numbers on how many bump stocks were made is difficult. Estimates range to a half million or more. Add to this, the bump stock is a polymer creation. Anyone with some time and a sufficiently large 3D printer can make a bump stock at home. The files are readily available online and everywhere on the Dark Web.

Looking at actual guns, we do have hard evidence of how well Americans comply with modern gun control efforts.

"In recent years, states including Connecticut, New York, and California have passed laws mandating that assault weapon owners register their firearms. Each has faced extremely low compliance rates: reportedly around 15 percent in Connecticut, and below 5 percent in New York and California. Tony Guglielmo, a Republican state senator from Connecticut, told The Hartford Courant that many assault-rifle-owners were flatly ignoring the law," reports Champe Barton in The Trace.

Barton also looks at buybacks and the logistics involved with that.


We also have gun bans compliance numbers from other countries that do not have a gun culture as strong as in the US. New Zealand is the latest to jump on the ban train. With a December 2019 deadline approaching, compliance is poor.

New Zealand's neighbor Australia also put in a gun ban nearly 20 years ago. The left-leaning investigative website Vox reports that buyback and ban took in about 20 percent of the Aussie arsenal. Vox's statement that the Land Down Under has fewer guns than before the ban is also wrong. "Australians now own more guns in total than they did before the 1996 crackdown, according to figures from 2016 - the last time they were comprehensively studied," says the BBC.

Look north to Canada, where a gun registry was attempted with poor results as well. "Not everyone complied. An estimated 65% of firearms owners registered at least one rifle or shotgun, and no more than half of all long guns ended up in the registry. Opposition was intense and has never abated. Grassroots anger helped to fuel the rise of the Reform Party, and contributed to the elimination of the Liberals as a political force in the West," writes Gary Mauser in the National Post.


While not universal, a lot of local law enforcement agencies around the nation also disagree with gun bans. Proof comes from Washington State. The liberal long-form journalism website found non-compliance is common. "In other places, such as Weld County, CO, county or town councils have passed resolutions defying new gun restrictions. And gun rights advocates in some of these states, such as New Mexico, are also pushing for ballot initiatives designed to overturn new gun laws," the magazine reports.


Americans have a long history of not complying with gun control efforts. The nation was founded in part because of British attempts to stop the colonists from having guns. "The message, though, was unmistakable: If the British used violence to seize arms or powder, the Americans would treat that violent seizure as an act of war, and would fight. And that is exactly what happened several months later, on April 19, 1775," writes historian David Kopel.

Researcher and FFL Dealer Network gun evaluator Ben Baker takes a look at the history of gun control, Gun Bans in the US and the compliance in his book "The Truth about Gun Control."

Politicians looking to ban guns would do well to study history lest it repeat itself. This nation was birthed in part over the right to keep and bear arms. This heritage has lasted for more than 200 years. Americans own more than 393 million guns. With a national population of 327 million, that is more than one gun per person.

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