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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 07/26/2019 in FFL Business

Gun Rights Under Attack by Retail Sales Software Company

Gun Rights Under Attack by Retail Sales Software Company

Another gun control effort quietly took place in mid-April. It has seriously chilling ramifications on the ability to buy and sell guns commercially. The news was covered by some media outlets in late May. Where covered, it was generally considered low-level news.

A major retail software provider now says its customers cannot use the software to sell many firearms and accessories.

Salesforce is far from the biggest retail sales software company, but the decision likely has other such companies considering a similar move. The company changed its terms of service (TOS) agreement to read:

"Worldwide, customers may not use a Service to transact online sales of any of the following firearms and/or related accessories to private citizens. Firearms: automatic firearms; semi-automatic firearms that have the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any of the following: thumbhole stock, folding or telescoping stock, grenade launcher or flare launcher, flash or sound suppressor, forward pistol grip, pistol grip (in the case of a rifle) or second pistol grip (in the case of a pistol), barrel shroud; semi-automatic firearms with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds; ghost guns; 3D printed guns; firearms without serial numbers; .50 BMG rifles; firearms that use .50 BMG ammunition. Firearm Parts: magazines capable of accepting more than 10 rounds; flash or sound suppressors; multi-burst trigger devices; grenade or rocket launchers; 80% or unfinished lower receivers; blueprints for ghost guns; blueprints for 3D printed guns; barrel shrouds; thumbhole stocks; threaded barrels capable of accepting a flash suppressor or sound suppressor."

A check shows nearly 100,000 companies use the company's software. The majority are other software companies. Retail sales account for less than two percent of the company's business.

Regardless, it is another non-government action to chip away at gun rights.


The financial industry has a history of restrictions on firearms, ammo and accessories, PayPal, a world leader in online retail transactions, bars gun sales. Its policies state:

"For example, using PayPal, you can’t buy or sell:

• Any firearm, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, whether they’re for sport and recreation, collectibles, or curio or relic firearms.

• Firearm parts, including but not limited to receivers and frames, silencers, and kits designed to modify guns so that they fire automatically. High capacity magazines, multi-burst trigger activators, and camouflaging firearm containers are other items in this category.

• Ammunition, including propellants like gunpowder or blank ammunition; ammunition or cartridge cases; and primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for any firearm."

Credit card processors that even allow their software and equipment to be used for gun sales list dealers as a high risk businesses. Gun stores are lumped the same category as pawn shops with or without a firearms license, adult bookstores, tobacco shops, casinos and betting shops, bail bondsmen, airlines and many more. Being listed as a "high risk" business means the merchant pays a higher-than-average fee to process credit and debit cars.


More and more websites that claim to support freedom are blocking gun sales as a way to erode gun rights. The world's largest auction website, Ebay, prohibits gun and ammo sales; accessories and gun parts may be sold on Ebay. Craigslist, the Internet's classified ad page, prevents gun, ammo and parts sales entirely. Facebook restricts gun sales to licensed firearms dealers and then only on the dealer's business page.

Savvy Internet users do find ways around these blocks. For instance, guns can be advertised on Craigslist as "collectible hunting tools." Gun caliber is described as "size." Pictures of guns are posted on Facebook with an invitation to send a private message to the poster for more information.

Retail shops that want to use Paypal can take a page from the adult entertainment industry. Sales that might cause raised eyebrows are listed on the invoice as something generic or nondescript like "tool" or "accessories." Getting around the credit card charges is more difficult. If the processing company finds out the shop has a firearms license, then the card processing service can be canceled or moved to the higher rate automatically.

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