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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 08/10/2019 in Firearm News

Is a New Gun Ban Coming?

Is a New Gun Ban Coming?

The gun ban is coming. Count on it.

President Trump, who is no fan of firearms as proven by his actions as compared to his words, is boarding the ban train.

Fox News reports, "President Trump on Friday said he is having 'serious discussions' with Congress on gun reforms and improvements in the background check process while maintaining that the views of the National Rifle Association will be 'fully respected and represented.' "

The NRA's stand on bump stocks was certainly fully respected and represented.

The president tweeted, “Serious discussions are taking place between House and Senate leadership on meaningful Background Checks. I have also been speaking to the NRA, and others, so that their very strong views can be fully represented and respected. Guns should not be placed in the hands of mentally ill or deranged people. I am the biggest Second Amendment person there is, but we all must work together for the good and safety of our Country. Common sense things can be done that are good for everyone!"

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is also waffling in the wind. He was interviewed by WHAS in Louisville, KY, on the idea. The senator said a gun ban is being pushed by some. He refused to say it won't be brought to the Senate floor for a vote.

McClatchy news service DC bureau reports, "McConnell has repeatedly said that he won’t put a bill up for a vote in the Senate without significant Republican support and an indication from the White House that Trump would sign the legislation. The White House earlier this year threatened to veto the House background check bill and Trump, who this week said he would be open to expanded background checks, has embraced gun control in the past only to reverse himself."

If Democrats gain control of the Senate and keep control of the House, a gun ban is a done deal after the new crop of elected representatives is sworn in.  Get a rundown on Democrat presidential candidates's ideas on guns from ABC News.

If Trump gets re-elected, it is anyone's guess as to whether he will sign or veto a gun ban or even approve more gun control measures.

As we said before, buy AR, AKs and other military-style rifles now. Those of us who lived through the Clinton military-style weapons ban saw prices for these guns climb to stratospheric levels. As we get close to a new gun ban, expect prices to rise.

With so many AR15 lower makers in the United States now, the stripped lower receivers are cheap. Some companies put them on a short sale for less than $30.

Another other option, 80 percent lowers, is likely to be part of the any new ban too. Right now 80 percent lowers are about the same price as finished and stripped lower. The difference is the 80 percent pieces are not considered a firearm and do not have serial numbers or transfer through an FFL.

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