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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 09/20/2019 in Self Defense

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry

Tactical experts, firearms instructors and people who actually pay attention are almost unanimously against open carry of firearms.

Why? Here are some reasons to not openly carry you've probably heard and few that hopefully will make you think before trying it.


With an exposed gun, you become a target. If the bad guy with a gun shows up and sees you are packing heat, you are the first person he shoots.

A person with a concealed carry might be shot first, might not be. To use a phrase in an unfortunate manner, it becomes the luck of the draw. The concealed carry does have a chance to find cover and return fire before being targeted.


Most businesses are located on private property. Most gun owners are among the most strident supporters of individual rights.

Following that logic, visibly packing on private property is an individual right. The person who owns the property has the right to say whether or not someone can openly carry a firearm on that property. If the property owner says no open carry, they have the right to do that.

Gun owners should abide by that request. If a gun owner cannot accept that restriction, find somewhere else to do business.

A video making the rounds on the right-wing media circuit purports to show a man banned from the nation's largest retailer because of open-carry within the store. Again, under the concept of individual rights, the retailer his within its rights to do that.

The idea that corporations have rights was also tested by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case. A corporation does have the right to restrict access to its property as long as it follows US law. Current law allows corporations to ban open and concealed carry on their properties.


How secure is the holster? Can someone bump against you in a crowd and pull the gun before you know what has happened? A single strap and button clasp is not secure.

How proficient are you at drawing from the holster? If it is a secure holster, how much do you practice?


It's one thing to pack a heater on your hip or pocket. It is entirely another to haul around a long gun, without or without an extended mag. Handguns, even in an exposed holster, are small, light and out of the way. A long gun is not. There is not real comparison here in Open Carry vs Concealed Carry

Barrels stick up. Regular stocks poke out.

If you are carrying a long gun in your hand, then one hand is always occupied. What happens if you need to do something with both hands? Either set the gun down or sling it over a shoulder. Putting the gun down invites someone to come and pick it up. Sling it and you then have to worry about hitting someone with it while it is in motion. Slung on the shoulder, carried under the arm, the stock sticks out the back. The barrel is pointing at someone, which is a hard no in gun safety terms. Sling across your back and it is no longer immediately accessible.


Yes, packing a pistol may be a right. But what message does it send?

If someone is on the fence about gun rights and sees you walking down the street with gun clearly visible, what will they think? You may say what they think does not matter; it is your right to carry the gun.

These people vote. Give them a bad taste in their mouth, scare them with Open Carry vs Concealed Carry, and that's one more vote going to the antis.

The right to open carry a firearm is not universal in the United States. The nation is waiting on a Supreme Court in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York case. This could set a national precedent for carrying firearms either concealed, openly or both. Or, the High Court could do neither.

Regardless of what the High Court does or does not do, voters can still send a message to elected reps.

What message are you asking voters to send?

Here is an example of the message you send. The person asking this question probably votes. Certainly, this person is worried about seeing openly carried guns in public places.

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