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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 09/03/2019 in Range

Range Time with the Uzi Submachine Gun

Range Time with the Uzi Submachine Gun

Practice makes perfect. Spending time on the gun range practicing your draw, accuracy and other aspects of shooting makes you better when you are doing more than punching paper.

Range time does not have to be serious. Some days, you just need to get out the range, pop primers, burn powder and sling lead just because you can. Even a fun day on the range will make you a better shot.

It's called range therapy. It should be fun.

Our South Georgia review crew hit the range recently with a bunch of 9mms for some range time. Some of the handguns were stock straight from the factory. Some had a bit of custom work. Some had a lot of custom work. The crew this time was gun journalist Ben Baker, NRA-certified law enforcement firearms instructors Richard Purvis and Bill Ryder, Police Department Detective Michael Kling and Fire Department Major Jamie Turner.

The hit of the range day was an unmodified civilian version Israeli Military Industries (IMI) Uzi with a bayonet and back-to-back 25-round mags. Ammo was 115-grain hardball.

Maj. Purvis was the first to pick up the Uzi. Standing at the 25-yard line, he grouped eight shots all in the head. With the handguns, groups were a bit looser at that distance, but most were kill shots.

The scabbard was removed when the Uzi was shot.

"You know I've got to walk this thing," he said after the 25-yard work.

"That's what it's for," Baker said.

The major walked the range, firing with each step until he was inches away from the target. Then, he stabbed the target with the two inches of the bayonet that extended beyond the barrel.

"THAT was cool!" he said.

The Uzi bayonet is really designed for the short-barrel version. A short-barreled Uzi requires a $200 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms tax stamp. Since the Uzi shot at the range that day was semi-auto only and a 16-inch barrel, no tax stamp was needed.

Police Chief Ryder also walked the Uzi down the gun range and stabbed the target.


The Uzi is actually a family of blow-back firearms originating in Israel. Uziel Gal invented the iconic firearm. It comes in carbine and handgun models. It is most commonly available in 9mm and .45 ACP, but variants in .22 Long Rifle, .41 AE and 9x21 IMI were made.

Several companies make the Uzi and variants, including the Uzi submachine gun.

At one time, the Secret Service carried Uzi submachine guns to protect the president. Shooting Range Industries has a list of  weapons used to protect the president today as well as what was used in the past.

As a carbine, the 9mm Uzi is a marginal weapon at distant even with a longer barrel. This is not a fault of the gun, but the ammo. The 9mm is a handgun round.

Tim Wells, a famous bowhunter, recorded a coyote hunt where a hunter used a 9mm rifle to drop a yote at some distance. In the narration, he says, "It'll be like launching a cannonball at this distance." Slow-motion of the tracer bullet shows the projectile arcing into the yote's head.

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