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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 10/01/2019 in Self Defense

Should You Have Concealed Carry Self Defense Insurance Coverage?

Should You Have Concealed Carry Self Defense Insurance Coverage?

If you have a concealed carry permit and carry a firearm regularly, should you spend money on self defense insurance to cover you if you use your gun in self-defense? There is plenty of data that supports the fact that the more than 17 million concealed carry permit holders are an extremely law-abiding portion of the population. Doing a search on "concealed carry permit holders crime statistics" will yield several sources that show extremely low crime rates for this group.

Though you hope it doesn't happen, if you must use your legally carried firearm in self-defense, you're going to be introduced to the justice system, and you can't predict the results. It doesn't matter how justified your actions in your mind or those of witnesses, you may be arrested and you may even be subject to criminal and/or civil court actions. The costs to defend yourself can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The first consideration is your freedom, while the process works. A bail bond can be quite high, and the 10% cash or security required can be the start of a race to major debt. Of course, you need an attorney as well, and they're going to want a retainer upfront. You can easily be looking at $20,000 to $40,000 out of pocket before you've even seen a courtroom. You may not see one if charges are later dropped, but you're already out of pocket a chunk of money.

If you go to trial, there will be expert witness fees and more attorney hours. Even if you don't, if you shot someone, even the bad guy, you're not out of harm's way yet. Next, you may have to deal with a civil suit from the perpetrator's relatives, with his mother telling the court that Johnny was a model child and student, and there's no way he would attack someone. It's all about money; unfortunately, all of it is yours.

So far, everything has been about money, but there's one consideration that's more important by far. Suppose you're faced with a situation that may require using your gun in self-defense? What's going through your mind when it's time to pull the trigger to possibly save your life? If you're going to hesitate because you're wondering about what's going to happen to you in the system, you may wait a second too long. If none of the money issues prompt you, perhaps you should consider self defense insurance to free you from worry.

What's it cost? There are a number of companies, and most of them have coverage options. Some only cover criminal defense, while others cover civil as well. They have differing coverage for a bail bond and attorney retainers, as well as overall dollar amount limits for your defense. Some reimburse you for days in court, and you may also have coverage for expert witnesses. There are four or five top contenders, and you can find them with a search on "concealed carry insurance coverage." Make a careful comparison of their coverage levels and limits. You can spend anywhere from around $15/month for minimal coverage to $50/month or more for lavish limits and top coverage.

Remember that it isn't the fact that it's a "righteous shoot" that you have to worry about. It's what the local jurisdiction's district attorney decides to take for action. It may be an immediate exoneration, or it could become expensive. It's worth some thought and maybe an investigation of your self defense insurance choices.

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