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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 03/20/2019 in Firearm News

Stock Up on AR-15s

Stock Up on AR-15s

Now is the time to buy AR-15's, AK47s and other military-style rifles for civilian use. 

Buy stripped lowers, the part classified as a "gun" by the BATF. Buy magazines too. Buy a lot of them. Buy AR-15's. Buy any military-style rifle for civilian use. 


Predicting the future is always a risky business. However, things are not heading a good direction for gun owners right now. 

With the midterm elections turning control of the US House of Representatives to the Democrats, they now have a leg up on gun control and gun bans. Several bills were introduced in the House to restrict gun owners' rights to buy AR-15's. 

While these bills have little chance of passing the Republican-led Senate, elections are coming. If Republicans hang on to the Senate, gun owners are in pretty good shape. If the GOP loses the Senate and the Democrats hang on to the house, gun control laws will happen. 

President Trump? He is not a friend to gun owners. He's not exactly an enemy, but he approved the bump stock ban. 

Gambling on the future of guns is not really a gamble anyway, if you are buying. Guns are a good investment. When you look at stripped lowers, especially AR-15 rifles lowers, the investment is even better. Lowers are often on sale for less than $40. These are finished items. Buy a parts kit, bolt, stock and barrel and you are in business. Building a good AR15 at home for under $400 is very doable. 

The 1994 gun ban spiked prices. "Results shown in Table 5-2 and Figure 5-2 demonstrate that AR prices rose significantly during 1994 and 1995 before falling back to pre-ban levels in 1996 and remaining there through 1999. Prices rose 16% from 1993 to 1994 and then increased another 13% in 1995 (representing an increase of nearly one third over the 1993 level). Yet by 1996, prices had fallen to levels virtually identical to those before 1994," says a report to the National Institute of Justice. 

The ban also had a 10-year limit, which probably had something to do with the prices. The full-auto ban, which is still in place, has jacked rock & roll rifle prices into the five-figure range. 


The future for gun owners in the US is murky. 

Right now the Supreme Court has either let stand or refused to hear any appeals on gun bans from the states and that's with a majority of conservative justices. If Trump gets to appoint another justice, gun rights are pretty safe, not still no guarantees. If a Democrat takes the presidency and the left controls both house of Congress, more gun control is a guarantee. The next president is also likely to appoint two justices to the High Court, cementing a solid majority for the left or right. 

Buying guns now ensures they are in your possession if things get bad and new purchase and manufacture is banned. 


President Bill Clinton signed a weapons ban on Sept. 13, 1994. While the gun ban had a sunset provision, it was still a ban on some guns and high capacity magazines. Make it clear this ban was also supported by a man who many consider as the champion of conservatives. 

"On May 3, 1994, Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan co-authored a letter to the House supporting the ban as a “matter of vital importance to the public safety.” Reagan followed up with letters to individual Republican lawmakers seeking their backing. Two days later, the House approved the bill, 216 to 214," says Politico. Reagan also signed the full-auto weapons ban. 


If you buy AR-15 rifles stripped lowers you can legally configure it as a pistol. Once you make it a pistol, you can THEN legally make it into a rifle according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. 

"If a lower receiver is built into and registered as a pistol first, it can be stripped down and converted into a rifle in the future. If the receiver built into a carbine or rifle first, it must always remain part of a rifle and cannot ever be used to build a pistol," says an article at American Rifleman. 

In other words, you CANNOT legally convert AR-15 rifles into a pistols without getting BATF tax stamp.

The other reason for buying stripped and ready lowers is they are easier to sell. 

You can buy AR-15 rifles as 80 percent lowers yourself and finish them. No serial number is needed. If you want to sell the finished receiver, that's a different matter. You need a serial number of the receiver and feeder license to make guns, as well as any state and local licenses required. AmmoLand gathers the BATF answers about 80 percent lower into one page for easy reading. 

In the case of a ban, turning the 80 percent lowers into something to sell becomes very questionable. Gun ban notwithstanding, if you want to sell them legally, then you must have a serial number on it and have a BATF manufacturing license. If a gun ban goes in, then getting a license to make and sell AR15s will be impossible, depending on the exact phrasing of the law. 

Of course the easiest thing to do is just buy AR-15's.

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