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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 09/07/2018 in Firearm News

The Hearing Protection Act of 2017, H.R.367

The Hearing Protection Act of 2017, H.R.367

The "Hearing Protection Act of 2017, H.R.367" is the most-watched bill pending before the 115th session of Congress. The bill is an attempt to remove suppressors from National Firearms Act (NFA) regulation.

Senate Bill 1505, the SHUSH Act, tries to do the same thing. 

Suppressors are also known as cans and incorrectly known as silencers. They reduce the sound of a gun being fired. Using subsonic ammunition provides the best sound relief, but even so the gun's report can still be heard a distance away. 

Selling NFA items retail means a federal firearms license (FFL) holder must have a special occupational tax (SOT) permit. The SOT is just one of the FFL resources a license holder may want. If the bill becomes law, it expands available FFL resources for making money. 

The bill says suppressors can be sold without paying the $200 NFA tax, the federal background check and no "marking, recordkeeping or registration requirement with respect to the firearm silencer." In other words, under HR 367, a suppressor would be nothing more than a barrel extension or a choke tube. If it passes, cans can be sold by anyone to anyone. The "no marking" phrase means suppressors will not have serial numbers. 

If the bill becomes law, it expands FFL resources by reducing license costs and letting dealers easily expand inventory. 


The bill is stalled in committee. Headed into a contentious mid-term election, it is unlikely this bill will gain enough traction for a vote. If the Republicans keep a majority in both chambers, chances are pretty good it will come up again. If the GOP loses the Senate or the House, the bill is dead until Republicans can get a majority again. 

The original bill had 166 cosponsors

One Democrat, Peter DeFazio from Oregon, withdrew his cosponsoring a few months after signing on. Three Democrats, Rep. Collin Peterson, D-MN, Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and Gene Green (D-TX) remain. Rep. Green is an original sponsor. 


Opposition is fierce from the Left and the gun control crowd as they attempt to strip away even more FFL resources. Ironically, these same gun control advocates love to talk about gun restrictions in the countries. Countries with less gun regulation generally treat cans just like a choke tube. Why? Sound reduction protects the hearing of the shooter and reduces the noise nearby people hear. Helping customers protect their hearing is one of the FFL resources gun dealers should have. 


In the US, cans are legal for hunting in 34 states. Hog hunters especially like suppressors because the critters spook less. Taming the muzzle flash also keeps hogs from zeroing the hunter's location. 

Read the whole bill here

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