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Getting Started Guide

Maximizing Your Exposure with a Great FFL Business Listing!

Welcome to FFL Dealer Network! You've made an excellent decision for your business, and we're here to help you get the most out of your FFL business listing on our network. 

What you present in your FFL listing is what will separate you from your competitors and generate greater exposure for your business. Taking the time to add all your business information will go along way in reaching new potential customers and ultimately increasing your sales, transfers, gunsmithing services, etc. 

This short article will outline how to make your FFL listings work best for you. Although these tips are tailored for our network, the same overall principles apply for any other business directory you list your FFL business. 

*Pro Tip: Business directories are essential for generating backlinks to your website. This is especially important for your Local SEO efforts. Get listed in as many business directories as you can! 

The following sections of this article will cover updating your Contact Details, Profile Photo, Listing Details, About section, and Service Areas. Please make sure you click the green 'Save & Continue' button before moving on to the next section! 

1. Contact Details Tab: Most aspects of this section are self-explanatory. Simply fill out your FFL contact information, and you're good to go. However, one thing we routinely see FFL businesses overlook is adding their social media accounts. Give your potential customers every opportunity to view more information on your FFL business. This increases your chances for these potential customers to engage your business on their preferred social media platform. Please make sure you click the green 'Save & Continue' button before moving on to the next section! 

2. Profile Photo Tab: There's nothing cosmic about uploading photos, but here are some useful photo dimensions to consider. 

  • Default Member Photo – optimal size is 200x267px 
  • Default Member Logo – optimal size is 200x200px 
  • Profile Cover Photo – optimal size is 1140x200px

Please make sure you click the green 'Save & Continue' button before moving on to the next section! 

3. Listing Details Tab: As soon as you click on the Listing Details tab, you'll be presented with a selection of 8 different FFL Types. These will be displayed as your 'Specialties' on our network. 

Select your appropriate FFL Type by clicking the checkboxes before the FFL Type name. Next, if you also hold a Special Occupational Tax (SOT) for selling or transferring NFA items, click the plus (+) icon. This will present you with another checkbox to add your SOT. See the below example. 

Continue to move down the page adding your FFL information. Please be aware your FFL # will not be publicly displayed on your listing page. However, you may choose to upload a copy of your FFL directly to your profile. Be sure to add your transfer fees and payment methods. You can also add any unique credentials you hold (i.e., Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting Course, etc.). Lastly, fill out your Hours of Operation so potential customers know when you're available. Please make sure you click the green 'Save & Continue' button before moving on to the next section! 

4. About Tab: This is another overlooked portion of your listing page but is arguably the MOST essential part of your listing. The 'About' section allows you to tell your profile visitors what your company is all about. Introduce yourself and let your visitors know what kind of business you do for your clients. Are you a gunsmith? Do you provide cerakoting services? What's your mission or core values? About sections that inspire trust and let the visitor know what they can do for them will far outperform those that don't. Please make sure you click the green 'Save & Continue' button before moving on to the next section! 

*Pro Tip: You can add a video to the 'About' section by clicking on the camera icon in the WYSIWYG menu. Add the video first and then provide more context below the video for more detailed information . 

5. Service Area: You made it! This is the last section you need to fill out for a complete profile on our network. Simply add your address in Step 1 and will auto-populate Step 2. In the example below, we used the BATFE HQ address: 

Thank you again for joining our exclusive network. We hope you found this short guide useful in creating an engaging profile that will build your brand awareness, boost your SEO efforts, and increase your sales. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble setting up your profile or would like to see added functionality to our platform. 

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