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Posted By FFL Dealer Network on 01/14/2020 in Optics

Elcan Specterdr 1/4x 5.56 NATO Flat Dark Earth

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The ELCAN SpecterDR 1x-4x Dual Role Optical Sight is a revolution in battlefield optics. This is the world’s first dual field of view combat optical sight. The ELCAN Specter DR 1x-4x switches from 4x magnification to 1x CQB with the throw of a lever, while still providing identical eye-relief in both positions. The Specter DR Dual Role gives the user both fast target acquisition and long-range identification that no other combat optic provides. The ELCAN SpecterDR 1x-4x offers variable sight illumination, meaning the operator can switch between fully illuminated crosshairs or just illuminated red dot. In the event of power loss, the reticles remain fully visible. The Elcan Dual Role Optical Sight has changed the standard in battlefield optics, all other sights only perform half the job. Includes: Flip-Up Caps ARD

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